Isra company was founded in 1997 as a private company, by a group of experts and specialists in the field of information technology, it has laid the foundations, objectives and strategies that enable them to become one of the leading in Palestine in the development of solutions and integrated systems software companies.

During the past five years it has been able Isra strengthen its presence in the Palestinian market, and reached its goals major Palestinian companies as one, which is working on the study of the needs and the development and detailing software systems integrated application programs, to serve it and offer appropriate solutions to its customers and who are over 4,000 customers, distributed between small businesses and medium to large businesses.

NAI was established in 2011 and it is based in Amman-Jordan, with a high International projection and accumulated experience, as it operates in several Middle East and European countries in the ICT field. It is mainly dedicated to two major fields: Research and certified Training to Engineers and Technical staff in addition to Professional consultancy services.

With over ten years of experience in serving countless satisfied clients across major industries in the MENA region, Palma Consulting has built an enviable reputation as a leading business and IT consulting firm that is committed to the highest standards  of service. With a focus on enabling business transformation and achieving rapid and measurable results, Palma Consulting's comprehensive approach is to work diligently with clients across major industries and sectors to help them achieve their goals as well as a competitive advantage in five central practice pillars: Strategy Design and Execution, Business Process Management, Performance Management, Finance Excellence, E-Service Transformation